6 Top Reasons Why Dental Implants Are the Best Choice for You

A dental implant is a breakthrough treatment procedure for the replacement of damaged teeth or missing teeth or any teeth injury caused by an accident or an oral disease. Dental implants can be used to replace jut a single tooth, or multiple teeth and even a full set of upper and/or lower teeth.

Dental implants are increasing popularity, with more and more people choosing to get dental implants over other dental treatment procedures for long-term solution to replace missing teeth. The American Dental Association reports that about 800,000 dental implants were placed in the United States last year, making it the treatment option of choice for most consumers.

So, what makes dental implants the top choice among dentists and consumers? Dental implants are mainly made out of titanium, a biomaterial that has very unique qualities which makes them very safe, practical and appealing to those that want the next best thing to real teeth.

These are some of their many benefits:

1 – They look and feel real

Dental implants work in similar way that natural teeth roots help to secure teeth into the jawbone. Through the process of osseointegration the dental implant fuses into the jawbone, providing the strong foundation it needs to withstand daily use and function like real teeth.  Once the implant is locked securely in place into your natural jawbone, they will become as strong and solid as real teeth. And because titanium has a unique ability to fuse to living bone, making it visually impossible to distinguish the implant teeth from your natural teeth, then it will naturally look like real teeth once everything is healed. After 6 months of healing time, dental implants will naturally look, feel, fit and function just like real teeth, and so you can chew, eat, smile, speak and continue to do all the other activities you would normally do as when you had real teeth.

2 – They are safe

Titanium is the main material used in dental implants. It is a metal alloy that has biocompatible properties, which means that it is not harmful to living tissue, not toxic and won’t be rejected by the body. In addition, dental implant procedures have a long track record of successful outcomes with an overall 95% success rate, according to the American Dental Association, making it one of the safest and most predictable repair and restoration procedures in dentistry.

3 – They keep you young-looking

When teeth is lost, the bone that supports the teeth is also lost and so the skeletal structure that supports the jawbone becomes uneven. This uneven support eventually causes the jawbone to lose its shape and density and causes the face to sag and appear sunken which makes you look prematurely old. Placing dental implants will help provide natural support once it completely fuses to natural bone thus stabilizing the entire facial skeleton including the surrounding gum tissues, cheeks and lips. In effect, this will help to maintain the structure of your jaw, and keep your face staying young-looking.

4 – They keep bones healthy

One of the consequences of losing teeth is bone loss. Teeth provides natural stimulation to the bone that surrounds it to help maintain its form and density. When this natural stimulation is gone due to tooth loss, bone begins to deteriorate gradually losing density over the years. Continuous bone loss in the areas of missing teeth can lead to many health issues, such as the loss of surrounding teeth, susceptibility to fractures and even the collapse of your jawbone. Placing dental implants can halt bone loss because they are able to fuse solidly into the jawbone, preserving the natural bone and providing natural stimulation that bone needs to grow and stay healthy.

5 – They won’t affect other healthy teeth

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is completely separate and stand-alone and so it can be used to replace a single tooth without the need to trim down any adjacent teeth that are healthy in order to provide support. Like for dental bridges, for example, healthy teeth next to a missing tooth will need to provide support. This can put pressure on the healthy teeth and put them at greater risk for decay. The same with a removable partial denture, which needs adjacent healthy teeth for support. This can weaken the healthy teeth and cause it to loosen over time.

6 – They give the best long-term value

Dental implants are expensive, costing from $3,000 to $4,500 just for a single tooth. In the long run, though, they are more cost-effective than other methods of tooth replacement, such as removable dentures and bridgework, which may need to be replaced at some point. They are designed to provide long-term, if not a permanent solution to tooth loss, so if they are properly cared for dental implants should last a lifetime. Dental implants are also low-maintenance. You don’t need to buy special creams and adhesives to use them daily. To care for them, all they need is some daily brushing and flossing just like you would care for real teeth.

So if you need to have one or more teeth replaced, and don’t want to deal with the problems and embarrassments that come with wearing dentures and bridges, then dental implants are the best option for you. With dental implants, you get the most natural look and feel from the safest and most effective tooth replacement method and so, in the end, you get the best value for your money.

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